What is Workcrew/WITS?

WITS/Workcrew are volunteer helpers going into 7th-9th grade who work up to 3 weeks each summer and earn up to $299 credit toward a camp of their choice.

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Workcrew are our dining room support staff! They set tables, do dishes, and help with dining room cleanup. They also help with some light groundskeeping such as raking and clearing brush. Workcrew have daily activities as well, such as crafts or waterfront time.  Learn more about Workcrew here.



WITs (Wranglers in Training) work at Solid Rock Ranch helping care for the horses and with barn activities. In addition to helping with the barn program, WITs also get the opportunity to ride a few times each week, but it does vary depending on the camp schedule. WITs work from 9:30 am to 6 pm (although we are very flexible on those hours). We do not provide housing, so WITs stay at home or with friends each night, but they can eat up to 3 meals a day at Solid Rock. WITs need to have previous horse experience. They should have an understanding of safely working around horses, leading, grooming, and basic riding skills.