General Information for Workcrew Staff and Parents/Guardians

Arrival at Camp

New Drop-Off Time 2021: You need to be at camp at 4 PM each opening day of camp that you are scheduled to work. Please report to your Work Crew Chief upon arrival at camp. You do not need to wait in the registration line to report in. You will find them either in Workcrew quarters or the kitchen/dining room area. If you are riding the bus, report to Work Crew chiefs as soon as you arrive.

End of Camp

You are dismissed from your Work Crew responsibilities on Saturday morning when your Work Crew chief dismisses you. Please do not leave personal belongings over the weekend. Generally, you should be done by 10:00 AM on Saturday. Work Crew Members are not allowed on camp grounds after being dismissed on Saturday.


If you are scheduled for 2 weeks of working, you will receive $304 towards whatever camp you want to attend. If working less than @ weeks, camp discount will be pro-rated ($152 discount per week worked). Work Crew discount is not transferable to siblings or a different year. Discount does not count towards bus fee.

Bus Transportation

A bus makes a trip to camp from Anchorage on the first day of each camp and returning to Anchorage on the last day of each camp. For each week of work or coming as a camper there will be bus fees if riding the bus.

Round-Trip Bus Ride: $60 One-Way Bus Ride: $35

Please call or email the office to be added to or taken off of the bus list. Please notify as soon as possible of any changes in transportation. Payments can be made over the phone or sent to the office.

Miracle Lake

Come prepared to spend some time in the lake. The staff swim test is mandatory: many of the summer activities take place at the waterfront.

Off-Camp Activities

All staff leaving the camp grounds at any time must sign out in the office. All staff under 18 (all Work Crew members) must have written permission from parents/guardians on file at the office before leaving camp grounds. You also must have permission from your supervisor before leaving camp.

Things to Bring

-sleeping bag & pillow

-Bible & notebook

-towels & washcloths

-swim suit (one-piece)

-jeans & shorts

-spending money

-personal items

-rain gear

Things to Leave at Home

Please leave behind all secular magazines and music. Do not bring t-shirts with offensive logos or words.

Electronic Devices: Personal electronics such as cell-phones, laptops, iPods, or mp3 players are not permitted. A phone is available for you to use during your free time. If any electronic devices are brought, they will be collected upon arrival by the Work Crew Coordinator and returned at the end of the week. Workers will be allowed access to their phone if they need to make a call and if they have permission from their supervisor.

Contact Information

Email: Emails sent to Solid Rock’s email will be delivered to staff members. Please put staff member’s name and “Work Crew” in the subject line for easier mail distribution.

Mail: You will be able to buy stamps from the office. Outgoing mail can be mailed from the office. Mail can be sent to you in care of camp’s address:

Jane Doe Work Crew

c/o Solid Rock Bible Camp

36251 Solid Rock Road Unit 1

Soldotna, AK 99669