Since 1958, Solid Rock Bible Camp has provided the youth of Alaska with outdoor experiences to encourage a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Solid Rock is a not-for-profit, interdenominational Christian youth camp owned and operated by Solid Rock Ministries, Inc.


FAQ for the amended June schedule:

My child is already registered for an overnight camp in June. What should I do?

You have 4 options.

  1. Transfer your registration to a day camp, a camp in July, or family retreat.
  2. Get credit towards 2021 camps at guaranteed 2020 prices.
  3. Donate your payment to support Solid Rock and receive a tax receipt.
  4. Receive a refund.

Why haven’t you updated July’s schedule?

We are waiting a bit longer to finalize July’s plans. As Alaska reopens and restrictions ease, we want to make sure we are able to offer your family as much as possible! We aren’t sure yet if we will be able to offer overnight youth camps, but we hope to adapt as quickly as possible to changes in the mandates that apply to us.

What about Wilderness Camps?

At this point, we are hoping to run Wilderness camps as usual. We are waiting for a couple of clarifications from DHSS and will keep you posted!

Will day camp be like past Solid Rock camps, just without the sleepover?

Yes and no. We are not trying to duplicate what we have always done. It’s just not possible with the current situation. So as we are planning these camps, we aren’t doing our usual thing, minus some stuff. We are building these from the ground up to offer your child the best experience possible. However, we will still be doing a lot of the same activities, helping kids have fun, build friendships, play hard, and grow in their faith. Make sure your child knows that it will be different than past years, but we are working to make the camp experience as fun and adventurous as ever!

What’s the plan for the Family Retreats?

We know routines have been turned upside down, plans cancelled, and milestones missed. Our Family Retreat is designed to help families spend quality and peaceful time together exploring and playing outdoors, but also to give parents some time without the kiddos. Family Retreats will not look the same as past family camps, but we hope that you will join us for a time of relaxation and re-connection.  All meals will be provided (Yay!). We aren’t confirming a schedule yet, because mandates that apply to these camps may change. Please contact us with specific questions!

What’s with the age groups? Why is there such a big range of ages each week?

Because the day camp groups are separate from each other, we increased the age range each week to give parents as many options as possible.

Can I send my child for multiple weeks?

Yes! We would love to have your kiddos join us and offer a discount for registering for two weeks in a row!

What about the snackshop?

Snackshop will still be open! We will have a variety of snacks, drinks, water bottles, t-shirts, and other fun stuff for sale. You can purchase a snackshop card for your child to use throughout the week.

What should I send with my child to day camp? Do I need to pack a lunch?

We will provide a more detailed list appropriate for each age group, but each camper will need their own water bottle, a face-covering such as a mask, bandana, or neck gaiter, good outdoor gear including rain gear, and a bible. Your camper does not need to bring their own food; we will be providing a morning snack and serving lunch. More snacks will be available for purchase from the snackshop.

What precautions are you taking regarding COVID-19?

We encourage you to read Alaska Health Mandate 16, Attachment I, which covers the operations of day camps. Each group of campers remains separate from the rest of the groups. Each group will have their own cabin, bathroom, and eating space. Additionally, we are working within state and CDC guidance for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and activity areas. We will be washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer before and after meals and before and after each activity. And most importantly, we will be outside as much as possible, exploring and enjoying Solid Rock’s forest, fields, and lake! Please let us know if you have any questions!